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‘To the Moon’ Sequel ‘Finding Paradise’ Is Coming Soon to iOS and Android Rebuilt from Scratch by XD Inc

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Back in 2017, the brilliant story experience To the Moon ($1.99) from Freebird Games (Kan Gao) hit mobile through XD Inc. I adored To the Moon and its soundtrack. Following the game’s original release on PC, Freebird Games released A Bird Story that was also a memorable experience but the proper sequel hit PC back in 2017 in the form of Finding Paradise. Over the weekend, XD Inc announced a rebuilt from scratch mobile version of Finding Paradise with HD visuals and other enhancements coming soon to iOS and Android. Finding Paradise has you following the story of two doctors going through a dying man’s memories to fulfil his last wish. While I did play A Bird Story on PC, I never finished Finding Paradise so I’m definitely going to on iOS. Watch the Finding Paradise mobile trailer below:

Finding Paradise on mobile will also include a new menu and interface for mobile, tap and virtual joystick options, and auto-save. The Steam page for Finding Paradise mentions that this is a standalone experience that doesn’t require you to have played any prior games. If you haven’t played them for whatever reason, I hope you consider playing To the Moon because there hasn’t been anything like it since for me. Read Shaun’s review of the iOS version here and Nintendo Switch version here. Finding Paradise is set to release in the future on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch with all three versions being the new rebuilt release from XD Inc. Head over to our forum thread for To the Moon here. Have you played any of Freebird Games’ releases so far on any platform?

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