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‘Warframe’ Is Coming to Mobile with Full Cross Play and Cross Save Support

Digital Extremes’ free to play online shooter Warframe has exploded over the years across PC and consoles including Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version of the massive online game was handled by Panic Button. A potential mobile port of Warframe always felt like something that could eventually happen but I was wondering whether it would be the full experience on the go like Fortnite or a mobile-specific release that has been built for the platform like Call of Duty Mobile. Over the weekend at the yearly TennoCon Warframe event, Digital Extremes announced that not only is Warframe coming fully to mobile platforms, but it will have full cross save and cross play with all consoles and PC. This is in development right now and you will be able to pickup where you left of as you switch between platforms. Watch the mobile gameplay showcase alongside cross platform play from 17:30 onwards below:

Ever since its debut in 2013 on PC and PS4, Warframe has continued to expand its reach with Xbox arriving a year later and the Nintendo Switch version hitting Nintendo’s hybrid system a few years ago. Warframe is now also on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and with the mobile release in development, Warframe will continue to expand as it grows in scope and content. Hopefully we get a release window for the mobile version of Warframe soon because I enjoyed the time I spent with it on Nintendo Switch but would love to seamlessly bring my progress across consoles and mobile. Until Warframe hits mobile, you can watch the cross platform save and play trailer here. Do you play Warframe on any platform and what do you think of the TennoCon 2021 announcements for the game?