‘Tropico: The People’s Demo’ from Feral Interactive Lets You Sample the First Campaign Mission and Sandbox Mode of ‘Tropico’ on Android

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Feral Interactive brought a fantastic version of Tropico ($11.99) to mobile with superb controls. If you’ve never played a Tropico game before, read my review of the initial version. Following that iPad release, Tropico eventually got an iPhone version through a universal update and hit Android. A full expansion was added to both iOS and Android for free in the form of the Absolute Power expansion. Today, Feral Interactive have released Tropico: The People’s Demo for Android letting you sample the first campaign mission and sandbox mode. Watch the Tropico: The People’s Demo Android trailer below:

Tropico: The People’s Demo includes the Bananas campaign mission with support for up to three in-game years in sandbox mode. Check out the supported devices for Tropico: The People’s Demo here. You can upgrade to the full version through an in app purchase and continue playing. As of now, this hasn’t been announced for iOS yet. Tropico is still available as a premium game on Google Play and the App Store. The free new Tropico: The People’s Demo is available here for Android. You can check out our forum thread for it here for more discussion around the port. Have you gotten it already on mobile or will you be dipping your toes into the Caribbean paradise through Tropico: The People’s Demo?

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