The Excellent Tower Defense Game ‘2112TD’ Has Just Gotten Its Second Major Update with New Maps, Research Upgrades, and More

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2112TD: Tower Defense Survival was a great premium game that blended sci-fi and tower defense. Jared described it best when he said it is the kind of game that should be packaged in a large cardboard box and have a full-motion video intro starring Mark Hamill. When it launched, we featured 2112TD as our Game of the Week. Following the launch, it had been updated with balance changes and some tweaks but it received its first major content update late last year bringing in an overhaul to research system, an increased level cap, and a lot more. Read about the first big 2112TD update here. Following that, 2112TD has received quality of life improvements and other fixes but it has finally gotten its second major update today with 2112TD version 1.5. This update adds a lot of new content and improvements. Watch the 2112TD trailer below:

In addition to new maps and research upgrades, the tutorial has been reworked alongside balance improvements, QOL features, and the addition of a skip button. The tutorial rework includes new tool tips throughout the campaign while the new research upgrades include a fine tune option. Full patch notes are available here for 2112TD 1.5. We featured 2112TD as one of the best mobile games of 2020 and it seems like now is a great time to jump in if you haven’t bought it yet on iOS or Android. Make sure you head over to our forum thread here. Check out 2112TD on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Have you been playing it on mobile regularly or were you waiting for today’s update to jump back in?

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