Huge Update Released for Kick Ass Tower Defense Game ‘2112TD’

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It was back in early June that developer Refinery Productions released their very first project into the App Store, 2112TD: Tower Defense Survival, and boy what a way to make a debut. 2112TD is what you get when you marry an extremely strategic, fully premium tower defense title with the most popular sci-fi strategy games on the PC from the late ’90s and early 2000s era. It’s the kind of game that felt like it should be packaged in a large cardboard box and have a full-motion video intro starring Mark Hamill. Thankfully it wasn’t a case of retro-style over substance, as 2112TD very much brought the goods in the gameplay department, and we picked it as our Game of the Week when it released several months back.

Aside from a few bug fix and balance tweaks shortly after its release, this week the first actual content update has arrived for 2112TD and it brings a host of awesome new stuff. Refinery has been listening closely to its players since launch and the majority of these changes and new features are a direct result of player feedback. First up is a complete overhaul of the research system as well as an expansion with tons of new unlockable upgrades for your units. Tech points will now be dished out up to Level 30 and your overall Commander level cap has been raised way up from 15 to 50. If you’ve got the guts for it, you can put all of this newfound power to the test in the game’s brand new Nightmare difficulty mode. The default difficulty was challenging enough for me already, so godspeed to you Nightmare players out there.

This update also adds in some extensive statistic tracking as well as a whole new achievement system. The list of achievements is fairly short to start, but with the system built and in place there’s no end to the amount of cool achievements Refinery could add to the game in the future. The Battle Control Menu has also received a complete overhaul based on player requests, and the entire game in general has been rebalanced across all modes to accommodate the revamped research system and new upgrades. In addition to the major features I’ve laid out, there are plenty of smaller quality of life improvements and adjustments in today’s new update.

2112TD was already one of my favorite tower defense games to come around in a very long time, but this new update has really taken it over the top. I really can’t believe this game is just two dollars. If you enjoy tower defense and strategy then I’d highly recommend picking it up, and if you need more convincing, there’s a chorus of positive impressions from players in our forums.

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