Elegant Memory Puzzler ‘Memory Stamps’ Is Available Now on iOS and Android

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about Memory Stamps ($1.99) which is the newest project from developer Tepes Ovidiu aka Crevasse who also brought us Not Chess, The Longest Drift, Cessabit, and plenty more. Memory Stamps was up for pre-order with a June 1st release date and it has finally launched worldwide on both iOS and Android today. Ever since I saw it go up for pre-order on the App Store, I’ve loved the aesthetic in the screenshots. The trailer also showcases great animations and interactions. Memory Stamps blends relaxing puzzlers with memory training. Your aim is to complete the stamp illustration with the missing sections as different parts slowly disappear. Watch the trailer below to get a look at the Memory Stamps gameplay:

Memory Stamps is a premium release priced at $1.99 on both iOS and Android. In its current state it includes a Zen Mode and a Challenge Mode. There are also dark and light theme options to go alongside the lo-fi soundtrack. One of the best features any game can have is haptic feedback and it is an option in Memory Stamps. If you’d like to buy Memory Stamps, you can check it out on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Make sure to head over to our forum thread for Memory Stamps here for more discussion. What is your favourite release by Crevasse so far?

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