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‘Memory Stamps’ is an Extremely Stylish Memory Puzzler that’s Launching in June and Up for Pre-Order Now

We’ve been quite taken with lots of projects from developer Tepes Ovidiu aka Crevasse, like Not Chess, The Longest Drift, Cessabit, and plenty more. One thing you can always be sure of with a game or app from Crevasse is that it will be an extremely well-designed and polished user experience. This seems to ring especially true with their latest upcoming project Memory Stamps, which sort of straddles the line between being a game, being a memory training app, and being a just plain relaxing little thing to occupy your time with. The gist is that you’ll be presented with a stamp split up into a bunch of different sections, and in each of those sections will be an illustration of some type. Then several of the sections will disappear and it’ll be your job to remember which illustration was in each of the missing sections so you can piece things back together to how they were originally. It’s one of those things that’s probably more easily understood by watching the trailer.

Crevasse claims in the App Store description that Memory Stamps utilizes “a few a proven methods to enhance visual memory and helps you relax" and so you could look at it as a way to keep your mind sharp. The Zen Mode allows you to play at your own pace with no stress. But if you’re looking for a more gaming-focused experience, the Challenge Mode tasks you with finding the missing sections with a limited amount of errors and using a limited amount of time to study the original full stamp, so as its name implies this is the mode you can play to challenge your skills. And of course this is a pay-once game with no ads, IAP, or online connection requirements. If you like the idea of Memory Stamps you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store right now for just $1.99 or pre-register on the Google Play Store for Android here, and it’s scheduled to launch in just a couple of weeks on June 1st.