In Its 10th Anniversary Year, ‘Tiny Wings’ Gets 5 New Flight School Levels in New Update

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If there were to be an iOS gaming Mount Rushmore, Tiny Wings ($1.99) would most certainly be on it. This past February marked the 10th anniversary of the game’s initial release, and creator Andreas Illiger broke a fairly long Twitter silence to make note of the occasion and also proclaim that “More celebration is Coming." I took that to mean that some sort of update for the game was in the works, and so I sat and waited to see what was to come. And I waited, and waited, and waited. Well, it took almost 3 months, but that “more celebration" has finally arrived and it did indeed take the form of a new update to Tiny Wings. Version 2.3.2 of the game adds the new Manta Island to the Flight School portion of the game, offering up 5 brand new levels to race through. The update also features support for the newest iPads and “bugfixes & polish."

If you don’t know the full saga of Tiny Wings, well, its entire history is out of the scope of a little news article like this one. However, the main points of interest are our original 2011 review, the massive version 2.0 update that arrived the following year, the Tuna Islands update in 2014, and the arrival of the Apple TV version in late 2016 which coincided with the Guppy Islands levels being added to all versions of the game. The new Manta Islands fills in the previous “Coming Soon" island slot in the menu, so could this mean this is the end of new content updates for Tiny Wings? If that’s the case, I can’t say I’m complaining. I still consider this as close to a perfect iPhone game as there is, and ten years of new updates and features is well beyond what most developers offer for their games on any platform. I’ve said this many times before but Tiny Wings has never ever left my iPhone, and as long as it continues to function, it never ever will.

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