The ‘Hearthstone’ Quilboar Update 20.2 Is Out Now on All Platforms Adding New Battlegrounds Heroes, Minions, Battle-Ready Decks Available for Purchase, and More

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Following last week’s big announcement for Hearthstone (Free) version 20.2, the Quilboar update, Blizzard has just released the patch across all platforms. The focus of the update is Battlegrounds and also the new Battle-Ready decks that Blizzard has released for sale in-game. These decks are limited to one per account and as mentioned before, Blizzard is using this initial set to gauge interest in selling decks for constructed play granting players access to cards. The Quilboar minion type is now in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. With this new minion type, each game will continue to include five minion types and the Quilboar minion type will be in every Hearthstone Battlegrounds match until the next major content update. In addition to the Quilboar minion type, this update brings 17 new minions, 3 new heroes, the new Blood Gems mechanic, Hearthstone Battlegrounds support for your coin, and more.

Diamond Ragnaros the Firelord has been added ot Hearthstone as a reward for completing the Classic Legendary Collector achievement which requires owning 36 classic legendary cards. If you’ve already claimed the achievement, you need to reclaim it to obtain Diamond Ragnaros. For the Battle-Ready Decks, the pricing is $19.99 and they are available for a limited time (until May 25th). Details for these decks are here. Later this month on May 25th, the Book of Heroes Thrall begins letting you take on 8 bosses in an adventure that will reward you with a Shaman pack. The full patch notes including bug fixes and improvements are here. Have you been playing Hearthstone often and what do you think of Battle-Ready decks and the recent classic format?

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