The ‘Hearthstone’ 20.2 ‘Quilboar Update’ Will Bring in Battle-Ready Decks for Purchase, a Big Update to Battlegrounds, and More Next Week

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Following the release ofClassic Format and more in Hearthstone (Free), it has been interesting seeing many of the people I played with before getting back to the game to try out old decks and also just return to the game in general. It looks like Blizzard isn’t slowing down with Hearthstone this year at all. Today, the Quilboar Update version 20.2 was just revealed. This update focusses on Battlegrounds and the new Battle-Ready decks that Blizzard is just rolling out. The Hearthstone Quilboar Update version 20.2 will go live on May 4th. Quilboar is a new Battlegrounds-exclusive minion type. A new Battlegrounds mechanic: Blood Gems, will also be added in this update. Blood Gems are spells that give a friendly minion +1/+1 and these can be obtained from Quilboar or through special interactions. In terms of heroes, Xyrella, Death Speaker Blackthorn, and Vol’jin join the fray with 17 new minions.

Battle-Ready decks are Blizzard’s way to let players jump into Hearthstone collections for constructed play. These decks are curated and optimized for the most recent expansion. Battle-Ready decks will be limited to one per account and are priced at $19.99. A purchase nets you a complete deck from a class of your choice with cards added to your account. Make sure you have a free deck slot so you don’t just get the cards but miss out on the deck being added to play. The reason these decks are limited to one per account is because Blizzard is using the initial set as a trial run to gauge interest in this. Once a deck is added into the shop, it will be available for two weeks. If you already own some cards, you get duplicates which you can disenchant. If you don’t have all the Core Set cards for a specific class, buying this will level said class to 10 unlocking all the Core Set cards for that class and giving you the deck. Blizzard will reveal more about how these decks will evolve and how nerfs will be dealt with later. Have you been playing Hearthstone often and what do you think of Battle-Ready decks and the recent classic format?

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