‘Titan Quest: Legendary Edition’ from Handy Games Just Got Updated to Add Controller Support and a Lot More on iOS and Android

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In January, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition ($9.99) was revealed for iOS and Android by Handy Games and it finally launched in February. If you’re unaware of Titan Quest’s history on iOS, read this. With Titan Quest: Legendary Edition‘s release on iOS and Android, Titan Quest HD owners got various features and fixes in a free update with an option to buy the DLC through in app purchases. When it released, controller support was confirmed to come in a future update. Today, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition 2.10.0 has released bringing in a wealth of fixes and features including controller support with the ability to switch between touch and button controls on the fly on iOS. Watch the Titan Quest: Legendary Edition trailer below:

In addition to controller support, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition now supports the enemy highlighting effect from the PC version with changes to attack button and XP bar design to show the currently used weapon and permanently show XP respectively. For fixes, the zoom level will now be saved in addition to NPC sound, freezing during loading, and more. Subtitle options are now available in cutscenes for supported languages. It has been great to see Handy Games update Titan Quest: Legendary Edition pretty frequently with lots of fixes and features.

If you’ve not gotten it yet, you can buy Titan Quest: Legendary Edition on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here as a premium release. The original Titan Quest HD ($9.99) is also available at a lower price since you need to buy the DLCs separately. Today’s update hasn’t rolled out for it yet. Hopefully it arrives in the next few hours. Make sure to head over to our forum thread for more discussion around Titan Quest: Legendary Edition and the DLC. Have you been playing Titan Quest: Legendary Edition on iOS and Android or did you upgrade your original Titan Quest HD through DLC purchases?

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