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Pre-Registrations for Psychological Thriller Visual Novel ‘Raging Loop’ Are Now Live on Google Play

Over the years Kemco has brought quite a few RPGs to mobile platforms and consoles but the one game I was hoping to see localised on mobile is Raging Loop. Raging Loop is a werewolf-like thriller visual novel that debuted in Japan on mobile before it saw console and PC ports. Only the console and PC versions of the game saw English releaes thanks to PQube on PS4 and Nintendo Switch and Kemco self publishing the English localisation Raging Loop on PC via Steam. Today, Kemco announced that Raging Loop is coming to mobile on Android. As of now, an iOS localization hasn’t been announced but hopefully it follows soon after. Raging Loop on Android will be a premium release going by the Google Play description. Watch the Raging Loop console trailer below:

Raging Loop is currently available for $29.99 on PC and consoles worldwide. A price point hasn’t been announced for Android yet. If you’re interested in checking it out when the Android version releases, you can pre-register for Raging Loop from Kemco on Google Play here. I haven’t seen everything Raging Loop has to offer yet on Nintendo Switch or PC in my playthroughs but the atmosphere is excellent. I’m definitely going to play it once it comes to iPad. From what I played, it felt like something fans of Zero Escape and thrillers would enjoy. As of now, Raging Loop is set to launch on Android in the near future. Check out the Nintendo eShop page here and Steam page here. Have you played Raging Loop on Nintendo Switch or any other platform yet or will you be waiting for the mobile release?