‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 3 “A Tokyo Escape” Coming this Friday

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It’s just about time for yet another huge content release for the massively popular Call of Duty: Mobile. In just the early parts of this year we’ve seen Season 1 “New Order" launch at the end of January, with Season 2 “Day of Reckoning" launching in the first half of March. Both of these Season-based updates brought in a wealth of new content for Call of Duty: Mobile players. Now this Friday, April 16th will see the release of Season 3 “A Tokyo Escape" which will bring a new Samurai theme to the game, new maps, new modes, and tons more. The new “Warrior’s Path" event begins on April 29th and “enables players to join either the Five Knights or the U.A.C. to complete daily tasks and earn rewards in either MP or BR mode. Winner takes all here, with the faction earning the most points at the end of the day taking control of a node on the map." A new season also means a new Battle Pass with tons of unique rewards which you can see in the following trailer.

New maps will include Oasis, a desert hotel which first made its debut in Modern Warfare 3, as well as Coastal, and entirely new map designed specifically for Call of Duty: Mobile and the Search & Destroy game type. Season 3 will also see updates for Battle Royale. This will include a new Operator Skill, a riot shield skill called “Bull Charge" that can be earned for reaching Tier 14 in the Season 3 battle pass, as well as a new BR Class called the Spotter which will be unveiled through its own featured event later in the season. In addition new limited time multiplayer modes Night Mode 2.0, which will run April 22-28, and the melee-only free-for-all Swords & Stones, running May 6-12, will be a part of Season 3. For even more details as well as glimpses of the new maps and features in “A Tokyo Escape" be sure to check out the official Call of Duty blog entry about it and look for Season 3 to launch this Friday, April 16th at 5pm PT.

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