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‘Wizardry VA’ Is Set for a Worldwide Release on iOS and Android in 2022, New Trailer Showcased

Back in November last year, Drecom who previously acquired the copyright and trademark rights to Wizardry, announced a new entry in the long-running Wizardry series. Wizardry has had loads of games across a plethora of systems over the decades including iOS back in 2011 in the form of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls. Read our review of it here and Shaun’s RPG Reload on it here. Following the reveal, Drecom has announced that Wizardry VA, the brand new 3D dungeon RPG, is set to hit both iOS and Android in 2022 worldwide. The game’s announcement included a teaser showcasing the gameplay and a new Wizardry VA teaser has been revealed today. Watch the trailer below:

Going by the previous teaser, Wizardry VA will likely be a portrait game. More information about Wizardry VA isn’t available right now but it is being developed with new features on top of everything Wizardry is known for. The trailer is definitely an early look because it has some technical issues. I can’t wait to see some direct feed gameplay footage for it in the future as we get closer to its release date in 2022 globally on iOS and Android. Have you played a Wizardry game and what is your favourite dungeon RPG on mobile or Nintendo Switch?

[Source: Gematsu]