Fast-Paced Brawler ‘Clan N’ Now Available on iOS and Android for Free

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This past November we reported that developer Creamative would be bringing their arcade-inspired beat ’em up Clan N to mobile devices following its well-received launch on consoles and PC the previous August. At that time the game was available for pre-order and its expected release date was December 24th. Well as it turned out the game needed a bit more time in the oven, and so that expected release date was changed to January 21st. That day came, and Clan N did in fact release, except… it was totally not the finished version and was actually released in error. Oops! Now about a month and a half later and finally the proper mobile iteration of Clan N has officially launched on iOS and Android. Here’s the trailer.

The aim of Clan N is to offer that simplistic style of combat that was so popular in arcade-era beat ’em ups but inject it with some modern sensibilities, most notably a much more strategy-focused combat that emphasizes speed, dodging, and properly utilizing your various attacks. Clan N also boasts cooperative play for up to 4 players, again harkening back to the glory days of the arcade beat ’em up, but unfortunately on mobile the online play is replaced with AI bots that fight alongside you rather than real human beings. Perhaps someday the mobile version will get online support. For now though, Clan N seems like an interesting take on a genre that I enjoy a lot, and this new mobile version is free to try out for yourself so give it a download and drop by the discussion thread in our forums to share your thoughts about it.

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    Clan N is a beat'em up game which combines the classic arcades gameplay with today's modern brawlers. With a fast paced …
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