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Throwback Beat ‘Em Up ‘Clan N’ Heading to Mobile Next Month Following Console and PC Launch in August

From my earliest days roaming arcades as a kid, beat ’em ups have been among my very favorite genres. Sure they’re on the shallow side, but their simplicity also makes them incredibly approachable and there’s nothing quite like partnering up with some friends to punch and kick your way through wave after wave of bad guys, even if said friends aren’t that skilled at gaming. That being the case, there’s something to be said for taking those old-school beat ’em up sensibilities and injecting some more modern design elements into the formula, and that’s what developer Creamative was going for with their title Clan N. The game released on consoles and PC back in August and today they’ve announced that Clan N will be heading to mobile next month. Check it out in action here.

The mobile version of Clan N will include *most* of the features from console and PC. That means a main story mode split into 7 different levels featuring “hundreds of sections" as well as various mini-games interspersed, some of which seem extremely similar to some popular mobile games, as you can see in the trailer. Those mini-games will also be playable on their own outside of the campaign. However, in lieu of online multiplayer as in the console and PC version, you’ll be able to play with AI bots in the mobile version. I’ll be interested to see how well that is implemented, but all other signs point to Clan N being an awesome new beat ’em up for mobile. You can currently pre-order the iOS version on the App Store, or pre-register for the Android version on the Google Play Store and the expected release date is December 24th.