The Long Awaited ‘Wayward Souls’ Paladin Update Is Out Now on iOS

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Following the big KIDNEY update for Death Road to Canada, our Game of the Year back in 2017, Rocketcat Games previously revealed a very big update planned for our 2014 Game of the Year Wayward Souls. That update was revealed to be the Wayward Souls Paladin Update that lets you play as the Paladin class in his own extra difficult dungeon with a new storyline, equipment, and more. Last month, Rocketcat revealed that the Wayward Souls Paladin update would arrive on February 4th on iOS and it has just gone live on the App Store as Wayward Souls version 1.60. Rocketcat confirmed that this is likely the last big content update for the iOS version of Wayward Souls. Watch some footage of the Paladin class below:

You can unlock the Paladin in Wayward Souls after completing the Shadow dungeon or dying 20 times in the dungeon. This update brings in new music tracks, the ability to unlock Cultist without beating Labyrinth by dying 20 times as well in the dungeon. A new higher difficulty has been added to the monster generation to support the Paladin’s story. Rocketcat also revealed that there might be a small update in the future on iOS depending on how this update is received. Sadly, the Android version seems like it will not get this update thanks to some Google Play changes. As with other big updates to Wayward Souls, the price has gone up and Wayward Souls is now $7.99 on the App Store. Make sure to head over to our forum thread for the game for more discussion. What would you like to see in a potential future update to Wayward Souls on iOS?

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