‘Princess Connect Re:Dive’ Is Finally Available Worldwide on iOS and Android after Debuting Back in 2018 in Japan

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Princess Connect Re:Dive (Free) was announced for an early 2021 global release last month from Crunchyroll Games. It originally released in Japan back in 2018 has just gone live on the App Store and Google Play worldwide a few hours ago as of this writing. The Cygames developed real-time action game blends anime and RPG elements together with a great soundtrack. Princess Connect Re:Dive includes PvP and PvE modes but has a story focus. Despite the original App Store release date being March 1st when the pre-order page went live, the game has officially launched today. Watch the trailer for the global release of Princess Connect Re:Dive below:

Despite the small App Store download size for Princess Connect Re:Dive, the full game is around 4GB (from the download all option in the main menu) if you’d rather have all data installed from the get go when you launch the game. If you’d like to check Princess Connect Re:Dive out, you can pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Princess Connect Re:Dive is free to play and it has various sets of Jewels and ‘Grotto attempts’ available as in app purchases. Have you played Princess Connect Re:Dive through the Japanese release or were you waiting for the global release that finally arrived today?

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