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‘Princess Connect Re:Dive’ from Cygames Is Getting an English Release Next Year on iOS and Android

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Princess Connect Re:Dive (Free) debuted in Japan back in 2018 and the West will finally be able to play it officially beginning next year. Princess Connect Re:Dive has been developed by Cygames and it is a real-time action game that blends anime and RPG elements together. It includes PvP and PvE modes with a story focus. When it originally launched, I remember a lot of discussion around the big names from the Japanese voice acting industry involved in the project. Princess Connect Re:Dive is published by Crunchyroll Games in the West. Watch the announcement trailer for the global release of Princess Connect Re:Dive below:

Princess Connect Re:Dive pre-orders now live on the App Store. Pre-registration rewards include different tiers of Jewels for use in-game. If you’d like to check Princess Connect Re:Dive out, you can pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here. Google Play pre-registrations will begin soon. The current release date mentioned on the App Store page is March 1st, 2021. An official release date for Princess Connect Re:Dive has not been announced. The game is free to play as expected and it has various purchases of Jewels and ‘Grotto attempts’.

I was a bit concerned about the localised names used in the App Store description but the publisher has confirmed that the character names listed aren’t correct and that this will be addressed in an upcoming update. It is always great to see more games from Japan get global releases. Hopefully Cygames finds success in the West so global launches are possible in the future. Have you played Princess Connect Re:Dive through the Japanese release or are you looking forward to the global release in 2021?

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