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Cygames’ Fantasy Pinball Game ‘World Flipper’ For iOS and Android Is Getting A Global Release In 2021

Back in November last year, Cygames revealed a fantasy pinball gam in the form of World Flipper for iOS and Android. While most people know Cygames for Granblue Fantasy on mobile and browsers and more recently Granblue Fantasy Versus for PS4 and PC, the company has many other projects including the excellent Dragalia Lost being made with Nintendo for mobile. World Flipper debuted for free on mobile in Japan and brought nice pixel art visuals and co-op battles to the fray in a pinball setting. Today, Cygames and Kakao Games announced that World Flipper is coming to North America, Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia, and more in 2021. Watch the original trailer for the game below:

World Flipper features original characters and characters from Granblue Fantasy and it is a free to play game where you level up characters across skill trees as well to prepare for more difficult battles. If you’re interested in checking out the original Japanese release before 2021’s international release, World Flipper is available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android in Japan. Check out the official website here. I’m curious to see how this one does outside Japan when it launches next year and how much longevity it has in the West at least. The gameplay was pretty good when I tried it but it didn’t hook me enough at the time to keep playing. Have you played Granblue Fantasy yet or do you play Dragalia Lost?

[Source: Gematsu]