JoyCity Opens Pre-Registration for its MMORPG, ‘Bless Mobile’

MMORPG series Bless is edging ever closer to launching its first dedicated mobile release, with JoyCity announcing that pre-registration is now open for Bless Mobile.

Being based on the original PC hit Bless Online, the Korean publisher has aimed to deliver similar levels of triple-A content to its mobile equivalent, utilising the very best features of Unreal Engine 4 to bring the vibrant worlds of Hieron and Union to our touchscreens.

Among the game’s many impressive features are its in-depth customisation options, where players can explore the range of beautiful, fantastical designs at their disposal. Bless Mobile will launch with 4 different tribe types (Habichts, Masque, Pantera, and Aqua Elf), and 5-character class subsets (Ranger, Berserker, Mage, Guardian, and Paladin), all of which feature a unique aesthetic that can be easily altered with an easy-to-operate UI system and a convenient set of character pre-sets.

Besides its distinctive character designs, Bless Mobile also aims to set itself apart from most other MMORPGs in a few other key areas too. When it comes to combat for instance, the developers have sought to improve upon the standard point-and-click style interface by opting for a more dynamic, direction-based system that relies upon weapon type and range of motion to determine attack range. Extra consideration has also been given to offering more variety when it comes to boss fights and delivering impressive effects and animations to character attacks. You’ll also have the option of taking full control of your characters or switching over to auto battle mode for a more relaxed experience.

Players can expect a ton of content to explore once the game is officially launched, including massive open fields, in-game activities, and a variety of dungeons for solo, party, and guild play modes. PvP modes will also be on offer for player and guild competition.

An additional gift of $50 worth of in-game items will also be given to players that pre-register for Bless Mobile on the App Store or Google Play.


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