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‘Implosion’ and ‘Deemo’ Developer Rayark Reveals Gorgeous New Project ‘Binary Gods’

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Rayark recently brought a full 3D remake of DEEMO that previously hit PlayStation 4 as DEEMO -Reborn- ($1.99) to iOS and Android. A few days ago, Rayark unveiled a brand new project in the form of Binary Gods. The teaser video for Binary Gods reveals a bit of gameplay alongside touch controls for a short action sequence. In the little bit of gameplay footage shown, Binary Gods looks great and it seems like it will be a stylish action game from Rayark. Rayark already has the excellent Implosion – Never Lose Hope on mobile platforms as a great action experience. Watch the teaser video for Binary Gods below:

Binary Gods doesn’t have a release window or platforms revealed as of this writing. Given the touch controls in the video, I expect it for mobile at least and as with other Rayark releases, it will likely hit Nintendo Switch either at launch or a bit later. The Binary Gods concept video has me pretty excited given Rayark’s great track record on mobile but I still want to see some actual unedited gameplay. Barring rhythm games like Deemo and Cytus II, Rayark also released the lovely pixel art puzzler MO: Astray on mobile recently. Until we learn more about Binary Gods, you can head over to our forum thread for the game here ahead of its release for more discussion. Have you played Implosion and other Rayark games yet and what is your favourite mobile release from the developer?

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