Valve’s New ‘Steam Link’ Update Brings in PS5 and Xbox Series X Controller Support for Android, Better PS4 Controller Support for iOS

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Steam Link (Free) for iOS and Android has been updated regularly with new features and fixes. On iOS, the app even finally takes advantage of iOS 14 controller features as of the recent updates. with not just fixes but also new features to improve the app for those on modern iOS devices. Recent updates have brought in keyboard and mouse support followed by low latency support and rumble on iOS 14 for Xbox One and the PS4 controllers. The Razer Kishi is also supported on Steam Link. Over the weekend, Steam Link for both iOS and Android got updated with useful functionality for controllers.

On Android, Steam Link now supports the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers over a USB connection. This will likely improve over time and I expect a future update to bring in full wireless controller support as well. On iOS, Steam Link now supports the PS4 controller LED and touchpad. Steam Link for Apple TV now has mappings for the PS4 and Xbox Elite controllers with fixes for navigation issues when mapping controllers.

Hopefully we get full PS5 and Xbox Series X controller support across both iOS and Android in the near future. If you’ve not tried Steam Link yet, you can download the app on iOS here and on Android here. If you missed our initial hands on with Steam Link, check it out here. With the initial xCloud drama with Apple’s vague rules and rejections, it is good to see Steam Link updated so often on iOS. It is going to be interesting to see how game streaming evolves in 2021 on iOS with web apps, new services, new controllers, and more. Do you use Steam Link often and did you buy any of the new console controllers?

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