‘Minecraft Earth’ 0.32.0 with Challenge Season 16: Tundra, New Mobs, Variants, and More Is Out Now on iOS and Android

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Following this month’s Minecraft Earth (Free) R31 update that brought in Season 15: Winter Wonderland and more, Minecraft Earth version 0.32.0 has just gone live on iOS and Android. Each Minecraft Earth update usually brings in a new challenge season, new mobs, variants, and sometimes new features. Today’s Minecraft Earth R32 update has another winter themed season in the form of support for Season 16: Tundra that will be arriving soon. In terms of new mobs and variants, the new Skewbald Chicken joins the fray in tappables alongside the return of the Jolly Llama as a festive mob. As of now, it is unknown if this is the final update for 2020 in Minecraft Earth. Watch the Minecraft Earth trailer below:

The last big feature addition for Minecraft Earth arrived in the R28 update that added in an enhanced way to play in the form of Wide Angle Mode. Following that, R29 and R30 added in the Bouldering Zombie, Moobloom, and more with Season 13 and 14 for challenges. It is going to be interesting to see what other modes are added to the game in the future and how it evolves in 2021. If you’ve been wanting to play Minecraft Dungeons on mobile, check this out to see how it works on xCloud. Minecraft Earth is now available on iOS and Android. Check out our forum thread for the game for more discussion. Have you been playing Minecraft Earth often and what do you think of the last few updates and challenge seasons?

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