‘Minecraft Earth’ 0.30.0 with Challenge Season 14: Tundra, New Variants, and More Is Out Now on iOS and Android

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With each update, Minecraft Earth (Free) gets new mobs, variants, a new season, and in some cases new features. Ever since launch, it has been getting updated often and the pace of updates has been increasing over the months. Today’s update is the 0.30.0 (R30) update and it has a winter theme as expected for the new season. Challenge Season 14: Tundra begins soon. This update brings in the Bouldering Zombie variant. This variant can climb after you. The Lobbing Zombie variant throws meat at you. Both of these variants are available in tappables. Watch the Minecraft Earth trailer below:

Season 14: Tundra includes snowy challenges and rewards. After multiple updates brought in new mobs, blocks, and challenge seasons, the R28 update finally added in an enhanced way to play in the form of Wide Angle Mode. That update was followed by the R29 update earlier this month brining in the Moobloom and Slimes in tappables near you. It is going to be interesting to see what other modes are added to the game in the future. If you’ve been wanting to play Minecraft Dungeons on mobile, check this out to see how it works on xCloud. Minecraft Earth is now available on iOS and Android. Check out our forum thread for the game for more discussion. Have you been playing Minecraft Earth often and what do you think of the pace at which new content and features are brought into the game?

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