xCloud Is Finally Coming to iOS and PC in Spring 2021

As with most things involving streaming on iOS, Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming has never really had a bright future with Apple’s own restrictions and rules that sometimes seem beyond ridiculous. After a report from October revealed that Microsoft is bringing xCloud to iOS through the mobile browser, Microsoft just revealed some of the company’s plans for 2021 and these include cloud gaming (beta) which we all know as xCloud for iOS and PC with a Spring 2021 release target. With this, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to play and access their own library (supported titles) across Xbox consoles, PC, Android, and iOS devices. The iOS version will be through the mobile browser just like Amazon’s Luna. This includes support for proper touch controls for games that include them for xCloud. Check out Minecraft Dungeons with touch controls below:

Barring planning to bring xCloud to iOS and PCs in Spring 2021, Microsoft is also going to bing cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. More news for xCloud and game streaming will be revealed in early 2021. I’m definitely looking forward to trying this on iPad through the web browser when Microsoft finally brings it to iOS. Hopefully it is as seamless as it should be. As of now, you’re still better off buying an Android device if you really want to stream Xbox games to your phone. In Spring 2021, xCloud will also come to PC which will give players even more flexibility to access their own library. Over the last few weeks, Microsoft has also added new games to the service. Have you tried xCloud through any of the previews or the Android release?