Microsoft Just Updated the ‘Xbox’ App with Support for Custom Gamerpics, Game Library Management, Console Setup Improvements, and More

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Last month, Microsoft pushed a big update to the Xbox (Free) app on iOS and Android bringing in a brand new look, new features, and more with many popular features sadly removed. If you’re curious about remote play on the app, read this. I was most disappointed by the removal of the store and code redemption. When that update went live last month, many lamented the removal of achievements and gamerpics. Today, a new update for the app went live on iOS and Android bringing back custom gamerpics. You can now set custom gamerpics from ones available from Xbox and using your own images. The other highlight feature is the ability to manage and view your game library. You can launch games and queue up downloads for games you own from your library. The app already let you queue up games to be installed but this now lets you manage your own library. One other change not mentioned in the update notes is the ability to pick media apps while setting up a console.

With today’s update message requests are supported and you can also create group chats from within the app while starting a new conversation. Hopefully the team brings back achievement tracking and the ability to redeem codes soon. Right now, the PlayStation app is a lot more functional which is the opposite of how things were a few years ago. Check out the updated Xbox app here on the App Store for iOS. You can download it on Google Play for Android here. If you’re considering a setup for xCloud, read this. Have you bought or are you planning on buying an Xbox Series X or S console?

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