‘Final Fantasy IV’ Just Got Updated for the First Time in Years to Bring In Modern iOS Device Support, Add in the Full Opening Movie, and More

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Final Fantasy IV ($14.99) is one of my favourite JRPGs of all time. I still consider the soundtrack as one of Nobuo Uematsu’s best work and the characters and story remain more memorable than those from most future games in the series for me. Despite first sampling Final Fantasy IV through the iOS version, I eventually played the 2D version and still think the PSP and SNES versions are better than the Nintendo DS release that served as a base for the iOS, Android, and PC versions of Final Fantasy IV. Today, Square Enix surprised me with an update to Final Fantasy IV on iOS, Android, and PC bringing in support for modern iOS and iPadOS screens on iOS and supporting ultrawide displays on PC. The iOS and Android version also gets the full opening movie finally. Watch the trailer for it below:

Despite not considering Final Fantasy IV on mobile and PC as an ideal way to enjoy the game, not many people are going to bother playing it on PSP or SNES. Speaking of different versions, Shaun’s got you covered on the history of Final Fantasy IV in our RPG Reload article on it. Make sure to read our review of the iOS version as well. Square Enix says the iOS and Android version are supposed to be 53% off for a limited time. The discount is now rolling out on iOS here and it should be $6.99 down from $14.99. On Google Play, it is discounted here. The PC version is half off on Steam here. I can’t help but think this is just Square Enix preparing for more ports of this entry. I will however never turn down a chance to buy Final Fantasy IV again so bring on potential Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox versions. If you’ve played it, where do you rank Final Fantasy IV among JRPGs and as compared to other Final Fantasy games?

Update: The iOS version discount is now rolling out worldwide.


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