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‘FlipChamps Dual Strike’ is the Most Advanced ‘FlipChamps’ Yet, Launching December 3rd

We’re big fans of developer Brad Erkkila around these parts, a frequent collaborator with another one of our favorites Colin Lane, but also an accomplished creator on his own. Nearly 5 years ago now Erkkila released a unique competitive arcade game called FlipChamps. It featured 2 competitors facing off in an arena with 4 platforms, one in each corner of the arena. Tapping one of the corners would send your competitor flipping to it, and your goal was to collect enough of the orbs that appeared on screen to charge up your attack and then try to nail your opponent with that attack. Hopefully you were able to do all this before your opponent was able to.

FlipChamps was a fun game on its own but it was dying for some sort of multiplayer mode, which it received shortly after its release in the form of a same-device local multiplayer update. Then in the summer of 2017 Erkkila released a revamped, fleshed-out take on FlipChamps called FlipChamps Reloaded that featured some more detailed visuals, a roster of playable characters that each had unique attacks, and more modes to play. Now the third entry in the FlipChamps series is taking things further yet again, and it’s called FlipChamps Dual Strike. Check it out.

As you can see, FlipChamps Dual Strike ups the ante in the presentation department by having, well, actual cool animated backgrounds instead of just plain solid color backgrounds. To that end, there are 8 playable characters in the game and each of them have their own unique themed arena. Another change this time around is that each character now has 2 special attacks instead of just 1, and there’s now a full-blown single-player Quest Mode that you can take each character through to reveal their unique ending. High score fans don’t worry as the endless Arcade Mode makes its return here as well. FlipChamps Dual Strike sounds like the ultimate FlipChamps experience, and you can pre-order it for free on the App Store right now ahead of its planned release on December 3rd.