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‘Flip Champs’ is a High Score Chaser Crossed with Fighting Games

While Flip Champs initially appealed to me because of its chunky pixel art look, the actual gameplay is something cool to behold. It’s a kind of fighting game, where you and an AI opponent are jumping between 4 different platforms, trying to collect the energy balls that continuously spawn. Collect enough to fill up your meter, and you can fire your weapon of choice. Hit your enemy, and you get a point in the game’s normal mode. In survival mode, you each have health, and the battles are more drawn out. It’s a really cool concept to play with, because there’s that head-to-head aspect, trying to act and react, and playing smart when your opponent has their weapon and you don’t yet. It’s not quite an orthodox fighting game, but it has a lot of the feel of one.

Brad Erkkila has positioned Flip Champs as a singleplayer game, supported by the occasional interstitial ad (which can be removed via IAP), where you’re going for high scores. There’s no multiplayer mode, at least yet – Erkkila has mentioned trying to find a way at some point. And really, a multiplayer mode for this game in some format would be killer, because the head-to-head aspect is so much fun. The plan is for this to release in early December, and based on what I’ve played, you ought to download this.