Cygames Just Revealed ‘World Flipper’ for iOS and Android in Japan Which Is a Free to Play Fantasy Pinball Game

Cygames are most known for Granblue Fantasy which is a super popular mobile game in Japan on iOS and Android and browsers. Granblue Fantasy is even getting a fighting game adaptation in 2020 as a collaboration with Arc System Works for PS4 in the form of Granblue Fantasy Versus. Cygames has been making a name for themselves outside Japan with mobile players through the fantastic Dragalia Lost which Cygames developed with Nintendo. Over the last week or so, Cygames was teasing a new mobile game. That ended up being World Flipper for iOS and Android which is a fantasy pinball game. Watch the trailer for it below:

World Flipper features original characters, characters from Granblue Fantasy and more. It is a free to play fantasy pinball game with pixel art graphics. It features co-op battles as well. I’m curious to see how co-op battles work in a pinball setting. You can level up characters across skill trees as well to prepare for more difficult battles. 4Gamer in Japan has a gameplay showcase for World Flipper that shows off the great animations and pixel art. Watch the gameplay below:

If you’re interested in checking it out, servers go live in a few hours. World Flipper is now available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android in Japan. It is free to play with in app purchases. Check out the official website here. While Granblue Fantasy is officially available only in Japan, it can be played in English through browsers or by using a Japanese iTunes account. I don’t think this one will leave Japan anytime soon. Hopefully Cygames adds English support at least in the future like they did for Granblue Fantasy. Have you played Granblue Fantasy yet or do you play Dragalia Lost?