Action Platformer ‘Mo: Astray’ Coming To Mobile Next Month As A Premium Release With Pre-Orders Now Live On The App Store

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Pixel art platformers are pretty common but some manage to be more than worth your time. MO: Astray ($4.99) from Archpray and Rayark debuted on PC last year via Steam. It hit Nintendo Switch last month and Shaun loved it. Read his review of the Nintendo Switch version here. When I first saw screenshots of it on Steam, I was impressed by the atmosphere in the game. I didn’t end up getting it on Switch last month and it looks like I’ll be playing it on mobile instead. MO: Astray is releasing on iOS and Android as a premium release next month. MO: Astray has puzzles, traps, quests, and a great soundtrack. Shaun praised the unique character, pacing, and more in MO: Astray and I’m pretty excited to check it out next month. Watch the original trailer for MO: Astray below:

This is a Rayark game after all and the soundtrack in the trailer above lives up to my expectations from Rayark. If you’re excited to play as a slime in MO: Astray in a well paced experience accompanied by a great soundtrack, you can play it on iOS and Android on November 12th. MO: Astray is available to pre-order on the App Store for $4.99 here. You can also pre-register for it on Google Play here. Check it out on Steam here and Nintendo Switch here. I don’t see any controller support mentioned on the App Store page. Hopefully Rayark can confirm whether MO: Astray has controller support or not on mobile closer to launch. It is a 2.6GB download on iOS if you’re considering getting it there. Have you played MO: Astray on Nintendo Switch or Steam yet?

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