‘Rip Them Off’ From Lozange Lab (‘Swim Out’) Just Got A Big Halloween Update Bringing In A New Map, Hidden Items, Ghostly Dupes, And More

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Ever since it was initially announced, Rip Them Off ($3.99) has been something we’ve been looking forward to. Lozange Lab’s logic puzzler Swim Out is excellent and it has seen multiple ports since its initial release on mobile. The developer’s next game, Rip Them Off, was a tower defense puzzler about making people spend money in your store. As the name suggests, your aim to rip people off as they try and shop here. Expect a nice minimalistic experience with lovely animations here. After the initial release, Lozange Lab have been adding quality of life improvements and fixing any issues in the game. Today, a huge Halloween-themed update has arrived for Rip Them Off bringing a wealth of changes and additions. Barring the new content, this update also has Dupe paths displayed when you tap on an entrance, a new animated page in the manual, and more improvements. Watch the launch trailer for it below:

Rip Them Off‘s 1.2.0 update adds the Halloween Map of Terrors featuring bats, spiderwebs, and more with new music. Ghostly Dupes glide through the air while shopping and you can expect to find a lot of hidden items in each map. As with most themed updates, the app icon has been tweaked for the occasion alongside the interface trying to get in the mood for Halloween. If you’d like to check the update out and get the game, you can buy Rip Them Off on the App Store for iOS here or on PC via Steam here. Make sure to check out our forum thread for Rip Them Off here for more discussion around the game. Did you play and enjoy Swim Out and Rip Them Off?

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