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Over the Weekend, Rayark Announced ‘Deemo II’ Which Is a Sequel to the Excellent ‘Deemo’

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Rhythm games often jump to different platforms once they start getting popular. Deemo ($1.99) from Rayark debuted on iOS and Android a while ago. Over the years, it got loads of DLC that completed the story and the game eventually saw ports to multiple systems. As of this writing, Deemo is available on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and even PS4 with the most recent port. Deemo is a pretty big deal among rhythm game fans and there’s even a movie in the works. Read our review of Deemo here. Over the weekend, Rayark announced Deemo II. Watch the teaser trailer for it below:

Deemo II is in development for unannounced platforms. It is likely it will release on mobile at least with a Nintendo Switch version at some point. Unties handled Deemo on PS4 which even has a VR mode so I can expect a version for PS4 (or PS5 depending on when this is out) as well. I wonder if Deemo II will be a brand new story or something related to Deemo. Gematsu reports that Rain and Flowers are important parts of Deemo II. We will hopefully learn more about Deemo II in the next few months. As of now, there isn’t even a release window. Check out the official teaser website here and here’s our forum thread for the original. Did you play Deemo?

[Source: Gematsu]


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