‘Minecraft Earth’ 0.23.0 Brings Challenge Season 7, Additional Crafting Tables and Furnaces, the Bronzed Chicken Mob, New Adventures, and More

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Minecraft Earth (Free) has been getting updated every few weeks with a new challenge season, new mobs, and a lot more. The last few updates brought in new mobs, adventures, and more. Earlier, the team also made it easier to play the game while indoors. Today’s update is the R23 update bringing in support for Challenge Season 7: Farm to Table. This challenge season is coming soon. When it comes to new mobs, the Bronzed Chicken will now spawn as well. Today’s update also adds new adventures which you can use an adventure crystal on. It looks like the pace of updates is increasing with more than one update planned per month for Minecraft Earth.

You can also unlock additional Crafting Tables and Furnaces with Rubies as of 0.23.0. There’s currently a bug that will not display the prices if you don’t have enough rubies. The prices are 380 and 630 Rubies for the 2nd and 3rd slots for Crafting Tables and 260 and 480 Rubies for the 2nd and 3rd slots for Furnaces. It is going to be interesting to see how Minecraft Earth evolves on iOS 14 with improvements to ARKit and more. Minecraft Earth is now available on iOS and Android. Check out our forum thread for the game for more discussion. Have you been playing Minecraft Earth often and what do you think of the pace at which new content and features are brought into the game?

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