Mako the Shark is the Latest Legend to Arrive in Platform Fighter ‘Brawlhalla’

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It’s been just about 2 months since Ubisoft and their in-house studio Blue Mammoth Games dropped a totally cross-platform, touchscreen-enabled version of their hugely popular platform fighter Brawlhalla (Free) on both iOS and Android, and it’s been about 2 weeks since they kicked off their new Season 2 Battle Pass which brought forth all kinds of new missions and items to unlock for both free players and paying Battle Pass holders. If my math adds up correctly, 2 months + 2 weeks + season 2 = time for a new playable character! Yes, that equation makes perfect sense. Today the fearsome shark Mako has arrived in Brawlhalla, bringing with him a Greatsword and Katars in terms of weapons as well as all sorts of shark-related special abilities. Check him out in the following trailer.

If you’re keeping track at home, Mako the shark is the 51st playable character in Brawlhalla, or as the game refers to them as, the 51st Legend. That is A LOT of playable characters, I must say. Besides this new Legend Mako, today’s update also brings a new rotation of Legends for free players to use as well as a new set of Weekly Challenges for the continuing Season 2 Battle Pass. This also marks the final stretch for the current Ranked Season, as Ranked Season 18 will be kicking off next week on October 7th. As we’ve said before Brawlhalla is an extremely fun take on the platform fighter that’s not just a rehash of Super Smash Bros. and the fact that it’s on pretty much every platform with cross-platform multiplayer makes it an extremely cool option even if you’re already a fervent Smash player. Oh, and it’s also free to play in an extremely fair way, so no reason not to check it out if you haven’t yet.

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