The ‘Brawlhalla’ Season 2 Battle Pass is Totally ’80s and is Now Live on All Platforms

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It was almost a year ago that Ubisoft first announced that they’d be bringing their platform fighter Brawlhalla to mobile devices, but it wasn’t until just over a month ago that the dream became reality when Brawlhalla finally launched on both iOS and Android with full cross-platform multiplayer with the existing console and PC versions. While on first glance Brawlhalla might just seem like a poor man’s Super Smash Bros., and that’s not totally without merit, the fact is that it’s pulled off the Smash formula incredibly well while also adding its own spin on things and, crucially, offering the entire thing up in a very fair free to play package.

This was accomplished largely with a League of Legends-ish rotating cast of playable characters that free players could check out on a routine basis, as well as numerous cosmetic items to unlock and collect if you wanted to customize the game to your liking without throwing off the balance between free and paid players. You also had the ability to plunk down a one-time payment to simply unlock all of the game’s 50 characters. It really is a pay model that has something for everyone, and the game being a level playing field for both free and paying players has made it an incredibly popular game online.

Well, like many other popular free to play games, Brawlhalla introduced an additional revenue stream in the form of a Battle Pass back in May of this year. And like most Battle Passes this one is split into “Seasons" and the first Season included a ton of cool cosmetic items to earn by completing various missions and conditions, with more goodies awarded to those who paid for the premium version of the Battle Pass. Today the Season 2 Battle Pass has arrived for Brawlhalla on all platforms, and it has a MAJOR thing for the ’80s. I am A-OK with this. The Battle Pass is appropriately titled Synthwave and you can see the highlights of it in the following trailer.

Like the previous Season 1 Battle Pass, all players will have access to the normal Battle Pass track which is where you can complete various objectives to earn a bunch of rewards. There’s also a Gold track available for $9.99 which offers even more content and unlockable items. In total the Synthwave Battle Pass features a whopping 85 tiers of unlockable content, and the new Season will run for the next 12 weeks. There’s a bunch more changes and new content launching alongside the Synthwave Battle Pass, and for the full rundown you can check out the breakdown on the Brawlhalla blog. If you haven’t taken Brawlhalla for a spin yet, what’s stopping you? It’s free and available on just about every platform you can imagine.

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