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‘Dragon Quest Tact’ Is Getting an International Release on iOS and Android with Early Access Sign-Ups Now Live

Ever since it was announced for Japan a while ago, Dragon Quest Tact from Square Enix has been interesting to follow. It is a tactical RPG based on the Dragon Quest series for mobile platforms features turn based combat and encounters with enemies from the series on a grid based map. After pre-registrations went live for Japan and the eventual release, there was still no news for an English and international release. Today, Square Enix finally announced that Dragon Quest Tact is heading to the West on both iOS and Android. Watch the English trailer for Dragon Quest Tact below:

While a release date has not been announced Dragon Quest Tact will arrive internationally in 2021 with English, French, Traditional Chinese, and Korean text support. For Android, early access sign-ups are now live on Google Play for the international release. If you’re interested in checking out the original Japanese release, you can get Dragon Quest Tact on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The game released in July this year in Japan. Hopefully this means we are one step closer to a localisation of Dragon Quest VII on iOS. I’m not giving up on that dream. Are you going to try out the Japanese release for Dragon Quest Tact or wait for the international release?

Update: Added English trailer, language support, and release year.