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‘Football Manager 2021 Mobile’ and ‘Football Manager 2021 Touch’ Announced for iOS and Android

Just like with previous years, SEGA and Sports Interactive have announced a new Football Manager set of games for multiple platforms. Football Manager 2021 is coming to iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox platforms beginning this November in various forms as usual. While getting Mobile and Touch versions of Football Manager 2021 aren’t surprising, seeing the series return to Xbox is very interesting because there hasn’t been an entry on Xbox in more than a decade. Football Manager 2021‘s full feature set across platforms will be revealed in the near future but it promises more tools than ever before with added depth and drama to provide an authentic football experience. Watch the Football Manager 2021 announcement trailer below:

Football Manager 2021 on PC platforms will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Certain retailers approved by SEGA can give you early access and a 10% off. The Nintendo Switch gets Football Manager 2021 Touch in December while details for iOS and Android will be revealed in early October. The full feature set for the game will be revealed in early November. Football Manager 2021 releases on PC platforms on November 24 with Nintendo Switch following in December. Have you been playing Football Manager 2020 on any platform and what do you want to see from Football Manager 2021 on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in the touch and mobile versions?