‘SINoALICE’ Is Getting a ‘Space Invaders’ Collaboration Next Week, Major Update out Today with New Story Content and More

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SINoALICE (Free) has been getting updated regularly since it launched globally following the initial Japanese release. The free to play RPG with some fantastic music from Square Enix and Pokelabo recently had NieR: Automata and NieR: Replicant collaborations. Today, a Space Invaders collaboration has been announced for next week alongside version 3.0.0 that just went live today on iOS and Android. This major update for SINoALICE brings in new features, story content, and more as the game continues to improve over time. The ‘Act of Hatred’ in game gets new story content today. For features, guerrilla unlock, target cancellation, daily grimoire, and a colosseum monthly entry bonus have been added.

More information for next week’s Space Invaders collaboration wiill be available soon. Data for the collaboration is likely in today’s 3.0.0 update as well. The event will be live from September 17th. SINoALICE is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Check it out on the App Store here for iOS and Google Play here for Android. I interviewed Yoko Taro, Shogo Maeda, and Yoshinari Fujimoto for the SINoALICE global launch as well discussing plans for the game outside Japan and more. Read that here. Have you been playing SINoALICE since it launched globally?


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