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Team17’s ‘The Survivalists’ Listed in Apple Arcade with an October 9th Release Date

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Back in mid-June Valve kicked off their Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, formerly known as the Steam Summer Games Festival. I know which one rolls off the tongue easier, but anyhoo, the week-long event featured tons of game announcements, developer streams, sales, and other “festive" things befitting of an entire festival. It also featured the launching of a whole bunch of game demos for upcoming games, and we actually highlighted three of those demos since they were for games that had already been confirmed as coming to mobile. We figured if you had a Steam account and a laptop or desktop PC kicking around, these demos would be a way to get an early glimpse at things that would eventually be coming to mobile.

Except that’s not totally true as only two of the three games were actually confirmed for mobile at the time, and the third, Team17’s The Escapists follow-up The Survivalists, was just one I had a hunch would be coming to mobile. Like, a colossal mountain-sized hunch. Their previous The Escapists games had come to mobile and seemed to do pretty well for themselves, so it only made sense that eventually we’d see The Survivalists come to mobile too. The one thing I didn’t consider was that it could be making its way to mobile via Apple’s subscription gaming service Apple Arcade, but apparently that is exactly what’s happening. The Survivalists was just listed as an upcoming title in Apple Arcade for those running the iOS 14 beta.

This is a new feature in the iOS 14 version of the Apple Arcade tab in the App Store and already it has outed quite a few titles. Well, “outed" probably isn’t the right term, as clearly these are being openly advertised as coming soon by Apple. It’s just that the majority of us are still on iOS 13 and so don’t have access to these featured upcoming games, so it feels naughty like we’re knowing something we shouldn’t know. Or maybe that’s just me. At any rate the App Store data lists October 9th as the release date for The Survivalists on Apple Arcade so you can look forward to getting your grubby little hands in it in about a month’s time. I’m just kidding I don’t actually think your hands are grubby. Until then check out discussion of the game in our forums.

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