‘Minecraft Earth’ 0.15.0 Lets You Spawn Adventures Anywhere, Adds a New Mob, an Increased Level Cap, and More on iOS and Android

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Minecraft Earth has been regularly updated with new features and fixes ever since it has been rolling out slowly across the world. It was initially rolled out in a few regions before the final roll out that saw it hit the rest of the countries planned for the game. Today, the R15 or 0.15.0 update for Minecraft Earth just hit iOS and Android bringing the ability to spawn adventures anywhere, a new mob, Adventure Crystals, and more. This is the first big update after the 0.14.0 update arrived earlier this month. Watch the trailer for the game below:

The highlight features for this updte is the ability to spawn adventures anywhere, an increased tappable spawn rate, and an increased tappable density. These will let players across the world continue to enjoy Minecraft Earth from home to keep in line with the current situation across the globe with COVID-19 where many places are calling for people to stay at home. Adventure Crystals let you summon adventures anywhere and the level cap has been raised to 25 in Minecraft Earth with the R15 update. The tropical slime and Iron Furnace Golem join the game with this update as well. The update also has bug fixes and other small updates like UI fixes and improvements.

Minecraft Earth is now available on iOS and Android. Check out our forum thread for the game for more discussion. It is great to see the game get updated so often with new content and fixes. Have you been playing Minecraft Earth often?

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