Turn-Based Shooter ‘Gun Rounds’ is Now Available on iOS and Android, and You Don’t Want to Miss It

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We’ve had our eye on Gun Rounds from developer Blabberf for the past month now, first when we posted the trailer for the game in the first week of July until the game went up for pre-order just last week. And now over the weekend, Gun Rounds has officially launched in the App Store, and since Sundays aren’t your typical launch day for mobile games and perhaps you didn’t pre-order it, consider this your official DO NOT MISS THIS GAME alert. As you may recall from our previous coverage, Gun Rounds is mainly inspired by the legendary Downwell, but in pretty much every way except the main gameplay. Rather than a frantic shooter where you’re constantly falling down a well, Gun Rounds is a turn-based game where you battle it out against enemies in a set number of rounds to progress through the game.

You’ll pick a weapon from your arsenal, drag your finger to set up the firing angle, and let ‘er rip. Then the enemies get to take their turn, and here an element of real-time action is introduced as you’ll need to tap the screen just as an enemies attack is entering your personal space, which is represented by a circle surrounding your character. Tap at the right time and you’ll avoid taking damage as well as refill some of your ammo, but time it wrong and the attack will land and knock off some of your HP. Being able to refill your ammo in this manner is a huge benefit too, as each time you reload using the regular old reload button not only does it use up your turn but your personal space bubble shrinks in size, making it harder to counter your enemy’s attacks.

It’s just one of the many subtle layers of depth in Gun Rounds that you might not be expecting just by looking at it, and I can’t stress enough just how well the whole formula works and how satisfying the game is to play. The enemy types vary widely, as do their attack speeds and patterns, meaning you have to be on your toes when defending incoming attacks. The variety of weaponry is similarly wide, with a whole bunch of off-the-wall type stuff mixed in with your more traditional shooter fare. And then there’s special abilities, and upgrades, and a shop, and unlockable color palettes, and… just too much to really go into in a simple “This game is out now!" post. Hopefully my enthusiasm is shining through though, and if you even think you might enjoy Gun Rounds just a little bit, I think you’re safe in checking it out for a few bucks, and then dropping by the thread in our forums for a whole bunch of discussion about it. It’s available now on both the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

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