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Turn-Based Shooter ‘Gun Rounds’ is Up for Pre-Order on iOS Ahead of August 2nd Release, Available Right Now for Android

Earlier this month we told you about a cool looking upcoming game called Gun Rounds from developer Blabberf that looked to answer the question of “What if Downwell was turn-based?" Well, that’s not totally true, as by nature Downwell is a frantic shooter that probably wouldn’t work too well turn-based. However, many of the main traits of Downwell were inspirations for Gun Rounds, like how there are multiple different worlds with different enemies in each, or how you can come across a shopkeeper offering 3 different upgrades for you to buy. Also, the visual style and music are homages to Downwell’s cool pixel art and limited color palette. The actual meat of the game though is the turn-based shootouts, and not falling down a well and blasting everything in sight as in Downwell. You can get a pretty good idea of what Gun Rounds is “shooting" for (heh) in this brand new mobile trailer.

Gun Rounds actually launched on desktop a few months ago over on and the comments from players over there have been extremely positive so far. All seem to agree that this is a really clever concept executed really well. But Blabberf has said that Gun Rounds was always envisioned as a mobile game first and foremost, much like Downwell, and I think a mobile screen is where the game will shine the brightest. Anyway, as of today Gun Rounds is now available for pre-order on the iOS App Store at a price of $2.99. The release date isn’t far off, it’s coming out this Sunday August 2nd, but since that’s kind of an odd day for a mobile game release then pre-ordering means you won’t accidentally forget about grabbing it while you’re off doing Sunday things. If you’re on the Android side of the fence, well, old Blabberf made a goof and released the game on the Google Play Store early on accident, so it’s actually available right this minute. It’s not that often Android gets games ahead of iOS so gloat about it while you can, and the rest of us should look forward to Gun Rounds arriving this weekend.