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‘Marvel Duel’ Has Launched in a Few Countries Worldwide on iOS and Android

Back in March this year, Netease and Marvel Games revealed Marvel Duel which is a strategy card game for iOS and Android. At the time, a closed beta was planned with no details on a global launch. Marvel Duel features more than 150 Marvel heroes and villains for players to collect with 3D animations for battle skills. Today, the game has launched in select countries on both iOS and Android for free. Beginning today, players who login can get 10 general expansion packs for the game. Watch the new trailer for Marvel Duel below:

Marvel Duel has launched in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia on iOS and Android. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. As of now, the game isn’t planned for a global launch according to Netease. Hopefully it does launch outside those countries in the future. Check out the official website for Marvel Duel here. Did you end up trying any of the betas for Marvel Duel?