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Pre-Registrations for ‘Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale’ Are Now Live on Google Play with Pre-Orders Set to Go Live Soon

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Meteorfall: Journey ($3.99) from slothwerks released a while ago and is an excellent card-based dungeon crawler. Since then, a follow-up in the form of Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale was revealed with a PC release that happened soon after. Slothwerks recently began taking sign-ups for a beta for the mobile version of Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale. Today, pre-registrations for the Android version have gone live on Google Play ahead of its release. A lot of people have been wondering how Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale will transition from landscape to portrait for mobile screens. Watch the trailer below for Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale to see some gameplay for it:

The best part about the Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale port on iOS and Android is that progress will carry over from the Steam version. The mobile version will also be playable offline without issues as confirmed on Google Play. Check it out on Steam here. A release date for iOS and Android hasn’t been announced but it should arrive in the next few months. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale will be priced at $6.99. It supports iCloud and Google Play Games on iOS and Android respectively for saves. It is always good when developers allow progress transfer from other systems on mobile. This definitely makes double or triple dipping on game much easier for me. If you’re interested in checking it out on Android, you can pre-register for Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale on Google Play here. Pre-orders for the iOS version should be live soon. Have you played Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale on Steam yet?

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