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‘Hyena Squad’ is the New Tactical Strategy RPG from Wave Light Games, Available for Pre-Order Now

Wave Light Games has been showering us with excellent tactical strategy games on mobile for years now, and after taking the plunge into publishing games on the Nintendo Switch, they’re back at the iOS wheel again with a new game called Hyena Squad. If you’re familiar with Wave Light’s previous games, you probably have at least some idea of what’s in store here. It’s a turn-based tactical strategy game! But aside from that comfortable general description, there’s actually several new things going on in Hyena Squad. One of the biggest is that it takes place on a regular squared grid rather than the hexagon-based grids of previous Wave Light games. It’s set in the same universe as Strike Team Hydra and features the same alien race as the antagonists, but the story instead focuses on a band of mercenaries who are on a mission to bust a mafia boss out of a deep space prison. You can see Hyena Squad in action in the following trailer.

Another change with Hyena Squad is in the overall scope, which is much smaller than your typical Wave Light game. It’ll feature 6 different team members and 12 missions overall, but those missions are also a lot more objective-focused and have more specific requirements besides just eliminating all enemies. The pricing is also reflected by the game’s smaller scope, and you can actually pre-order Hyena Squad on the App Store now for just $1.99. If it’s popular enough Wave Light already has ideas for additional episodes. Overall we love Wave Light’s stuff so are looking forward to checking out Hyena Squad when it launches on September 9th. In the meantime check out the game’s official website for some more details.