The Original Soundtrack for ‘Pascal’s Wager’ Is Now Available Digitally

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Pascal’s Wager ($6.99) from Tipsworks is something we have been covering and enjoying playing for a while with its post launch DLC and updates. The soulslike recently got its first expansion DLC in the form of the ‘Deep into the Dark Mist’ DLC which arrived alongside the big big 1.2.0 update to the game on iOS that had various improvements and enhancements. Pascal’s Wager finally arrived on Android as a premium release as well on Google Play and is still available at a launch discount on Android. Today, Tipsworks has released the soundtrack for Pascal’s Wager alongside an extended look at the recording and orchestrations for the game. Watch it below:

You can check out the Pascal’s Wager Original Game Soundtrack featuring 21 tracks on iTunes here, Spotify here, and Amazon Music here. Hopefully the soundtrack gets a vinyl release in the future. I really like how they even got Jim Fowler for the game’s music. He worked on Bloodborne and many other games. Pascal’s Wager is now available on Google Play for Android at a limited launch discount price of $3.99. If you buy it before July 9th, you get the Heroic Herald outfit for Terrence. Pascal’s Wager is available on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our review of Pascal’s Wager. Here’s our forum thread for the game. Have you been playing it with the new updates or were you waiting on the Android release?

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