‘Dead Cells’ Is Finally Available on Android as a Premium Release

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Dead Cells ($8.99) from Motion Twin hit iOS a while ago and we’ve been covering it ever since. We also featured the Playdigious mobile conversion as our Game of the Year for 2019. For those wondering about the DLC, Playdigious also confirmed that it is bringing some of the post launch content from other platforms to mobile but a timeline hasn’t been announced for that yet. Today, Playdigious releases the highly anticipated Android version of Dead Cells on Google Play. Watch the Android launch trailer below:

The regular price for Dead Cells on Android is $9.99 on Google Play. The game is a full premium release for those wondering. If you haven’t bought it yet, read our review of the iOS port here. We featured it as our Game of the Week as well when it released as well. If you’re on iOS, you can buy it on the App Store now. Check it out on Google Play here. If you aren’t sure whether to buy it on mobile or Switch, read this. Have you played Dead Cells yet on Switch or iOS?

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