‘Mario Kart Tour’ Version 2.1.0 Is Now Available with Support for Room Code and Team Game rule in Multiplayer, and More

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After Mario Kart Tour (Free) finally got multiplayer, Nintendo has been slowly bringing more content to the game with new tours. The game also has exclusive content for Gold Pass subscribers. Details for the big Mario Kart Tour 2.0 are here. Mario Kart Tour version 2.1.0 just went live on iOS and Android worldwide bringing improvements to multiplayer in a few ways and support for new challenges. A new Coins Aplenty event is also planned for the future and support for that has been added in today’s update. Watch the trailer for Mario Kart Tour multiplayer below:

For multiplayer, a new Team Game rule has been added with a new Room Code feature available as well. Expert Challenges will be added in future tours. If you levelled up without getting a reward, the issue has been fixed today. If you’ve not checked it out yet, Mario Kart Tour is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Be sure to check out the thread in our forums for more discussion around Mario Kart Tour. Share your friend codes here in our thread for friend codes for Mario Kart Tour. How have you been finding the multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour?

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